Making your face and skin look

Facial aesthetics treatments can make you look years younger.

Oralon surgery

We can treat your wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.


When we laugh or smile lines or wrinkles are formed by contractions in our facial muscles. The botulinum toxin (botox) blocks impulses from nerves to our facial muscles temporarily relaxing them so they don’t contract. After treatment, the overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled while untreated skin remains normal, so that you still look natural.

Giving Botox injections is a simple and safe procedure. A very small amount of Botox is injected with a very fine needle into several locations in the face. Because the needle is so fine and only a small amount of liquid is used, the pain associated with the injections is minimal. No sedation or local anaesthetic is required, and you will be able to drive and undertake your usual daily activities immediately after your injections. You may have slight temporary bruising of the skin at your injection sites, but otherwise, there will be no visible signs of your treatment.


This process is suitable for all skin types and there are three levels of treatment. The correct procedure can be recommended after consultation. The process restores the natural acid found in the skin, moisturising and rejuvenating the skin.

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