Oralon surgery

Your teeth can look better than ever.

Restoring your smile

We provide a wide range of treatments that deal with common problems, from discoloured teeth to root canal infections, and, in our cosmetic clinic, we can help make your smile brighter and better than ever.

Tooth whitening

Teeth naturally discolour with age. Whitening gently removes the stains, leaving your teeth brighter and lighter. We use Zoom, an advanced professional whitening process.

There are two safe and quick methods of having this done. The dentist can place a gel on your teeth which is activated by a light to brighten your teeth up to eight shades in an hour. Alternatively the process can be completed at home: the dentist makes up specialist trays that you take home and apply yourself.

Tooth straightening

Here at Oralon we use a system called Invisalign to straighten teeth. This a virtually invisible brace system used for a variety of orthodontic treatments, including teeth that are crooked, crowded or with gaps. The brace is clear, comfortable and easily removable so it won’t interfere with your everyday life. Our treatment software allows you to see a model of the proposed treatment plan and discuss what is most important to you before treatment commences.


These are very slim sheets of porcelain that are placed over discoloured, misshapen or unsightly teeth. They also cover gaps, chips and cracks. The slim layer fits over the visible front of the tooth and is custom-made for each person. They are then bonded securely in place. These can last a lifetime and are resistant to staining.

Composite fillings

We can provide you with tooth-coloured composite fillings that look natural when you smile. They can be fitted either when the unsightly old amalgam silver grey fillings need replacing or if you just feel that you would like your existing fillings to blend in.

Broken teeth

These can be rectified using, crowns, Invisalign or veneers depending on the particular circumstances. The dentist will advise you which process will suit you best.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are made up to cover a tooth that is weak and are fitted above the gum to protect it. They can either be made of porcelain or a porcelain and metal mix.

Bridges are made where there is a tooth missing and crowns on both sides of the space. The bridge will then provide support for a false tooth to be inserted in the gap. Both of these are sent to a specialist lab to be made.


Dentures are a plate with a number of false teeth on it. They can be made of plastic or a plastic and metal mix. They are made up specifically for your mouth and are usually kept in place using clips.

Dental implants

These are artificial teeth that are put in place when a natural tooth has been lost. These look natural and feel secure. Our implantologist, Dr Stephen Smith, can offer a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Oral surgery

We have a consultant specialist in oral surgery on site so there will be no need to refer you somewhere else for treatment.

Root canal treatments

If a tooth is damaged by a very deep cavity then root canal treatment is undertaken. The endodontist will treat the infection and restore the tooth.

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